Borehole installer near me UK Peel Pumps borehole install service

Borehole Installer near me UK

Probably you are searching for a Borehole Installer near me UK

PEEL Pumps is a professional borehole installer near me UK
also is very near to anywhere because it is based in center UK and goes back and forth daily to the whole great country.

Phil and his team can install a borehole pump for your domestic or industrial need. Yes, as borehole installers we can provide installation of borehole pumps for:

  • farms
  • golf clubs
  • big fields
  • industries
  • villas
  • private houses
  • building complexes

Our Experience is wide, PEEL Pumps has had over 30 years experience maintaining and installing pumps in all aspects of the water industry
We have been maintaining a diverse range of pumps for many years and have vast experience in this field. We have hands on experience of which type of pump performs best in the environment they are installed. This coupled with our highly skilled pump specialists allows us to meet the exact needs and requirements of our customer.

Call Us to get a quote or to get help install a submersible pump

please phone 01706 558352 or email [email protected]

If you prefer to check by yourself some other info you can continue visiting our website and catalog. We give you, meanwhile, a way on how to select the correct borehole pump for your application: please Click here


Do you know? We can also install a system that monitor and control multiple pumps!

We developed a pump remote control technology called Eboxx and it is very useful when you need to control the pump flow level, the correct amount of energy needed (and nor more nor less than it) at any time! Also you can see statistics of more than 10 pumps at same time, get SMS notification alarms when something goes wrong (the pumps itself or the water in the well level.) borehole installer near me UK

Get more info on Eboxx web page clicking here

Borehole installer near me UK Peel Pumps borehole install service qpgo p 129x300 - Borehole Installer near me UK
Peel Pumps borehole install service (showing ZDS qpgo-p submersible pump)