Borehole pump farm equipment for sale

Best Borehole pump farm equipment for sale

Borehole pumps are commonly used in farm for water supply and for moving clean water. Farms usually need professional products and here at Peel pumps we only promote professional product with professional advice. It is all about getting the right product for the right application, this depends on the amount of water in the borehole and flow and head required. It is also important to consider the water quality we are going to pump, if a dry running system is required or not, if an energy efficient motor should be installed or not etc. What we would like to underline is that it’s crucial to design the correct borehole pump for the application and characteristics. ZDS borehole pumps are very professional, are available in a wide range of models to perform in any application. A large number of accessories are also available at Peel Pumps, if you need to make your full system the staff at Peel Pumps can help you in designing the best application for you, saving time and money. Peel Pump currently supply ZDS borehole pump to many different sectors: fish farms, chicken breeding, horse breeding, cattle ranch, livestock etc. All these applications need a large amount of water. That’s why we design the most efficient a reliable solution to supply them.

 Borehole pump farm equipment for sale

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Borehole pump farm equipment for sale Peel Pumps Agricultural Services UK

Peel Pumps import all products directly from the main European producers, for this reason we offer good discounts. Peel Pumps developed Eboxx 2.9 cloud control technology, the innovative way to remotely control your pump system. This means that it is possible to have the complete control of all your farm water supply from your smartphone. This will allow you to monitor usage (flow and electricity), detect faults and alert you to any faults. This is a real revolution in water control.

Peel Pumps offer a number of different solution for as borehole pump for farm equipment, depending on the customer requirements and budget available. Please write to us at [email protected] to get the best quotation and most of everything the best advice. Borehole pump farm equipment for sale