ZDS 400v 4″ E.HTF Complete Solution with Franklin Motor


4″ HTF complete solution made consisting of a ZDS stainless steel hydraulic part, ZDS Master 3 control panel, three-phase encapsulation water-cooled Franklin motor and supply cable. The E.X.HTF complete solution is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and is available up to the maximum delivery of 15.000 l/h and 300 m head.

ZDS Pumps Innovation Group Official Seller UK in Ramsbottom, Manchester

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ZDS Pump 4″ HTF complete solution consists of a ZDS stainless steel hydraulic part, ZDS Master 3 control panel, three-phase encapsulation water-cooled Franklin motor and also a 1.5m supply cable. The E.X.HTF complete solution is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. This model is available up to the maximum delivery of 15.000 l/h while the head is 300m.

The advanced technology and also the settings of the ZDS Master 3 control panel guarantees the best accuracy of working in every voltage condition. The ZDS Master 3 control panel is extremely precise. It is set according to technical data of the selected hydraulic and motor. The control panel is ready to use and protect the pumps against abnormalities in the installation and also many other faults. The pump is completely protected against lack of water in the well or in the tank. In the case of any dry running, the Master 3 control panel stops the pump and a light starts to flash to inform the user that there is no more water in the well.

The Master 3 control panel also protects against overland, low/high voltage, against leaks in the installation and too frequent starts and stops, against electrical abnormalities and finally against failures in a three-phase plant.

This pump is designed for use in lifting, distribution, pressurisation in civil and industrial water systems, garden irrigation systems, filling of pressure vessels and tanks, fire-fighting systems, washing systems, drainage systems and also for the supply to fountains.

Specification of E.HTF ZDS 4″ Submersible Pump

  • kW: 0.37 – 5.5;
  • Degree of protection: IP 68;
  • Maximum quantity of suspended sand: 120 g/m3;
  • Insulation: B;
  • Rated ambient temperature: max 30oC;
  • Cooling flow: min 8 cm/sec;
  • Maximum starts per hour: 150, equally distributed;
  • Mounting: vertical/horizontal, shaft upwards;
  • Maximum immersion depth: 150 m;
  • Outlet diameter: 11/4” G-F, 2″ G-F;
  • Allowed range of water pH: 6.4 – 8.0.

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Model Voltage kW Max. Flow Max. Head Price ex-VAT
E.X.1-12.HTF 400v 0.37 kW 1.5 m3/h 75.4 m

£859.24 Add to Cart

E.X.1-18.HTF 400v 0.55 kW 1.5 m3/h 113 m

£891.76 Add to Cart

E.X.1-25.HTF 400v 0.75 kW 1.5 m3/h 157 m

£956.77 Add to Cart

E.X.1-36.HTF 400v 1.1 kW 1.5 m3/h 226.1 m

£1,059.47 Add to Cart

E.X.1-50.HTF 400v 1.5 kW 1.5 m3/h 300 m

£1,227.16 Add to Cart

E.X.2-8.HTF 400v 0.37 kW 2.4 m3/h 51.2 m

£834.41 Add to Cart

E.X.2-12.HTF 400v 0.55 kW 2.4 m3/h 76.8 m

£866.94 Add to Cart

E.X.2-16.HTF 400v 0.75 kW 2.4 m3/h 102.4 m

£902.87 Add to Cart

E.X.2-24.HTF 400v 1.1 kW 2.4 m3/h 153.6 m

£1,002.16 Add to Cart

E.X.2-32.HTF 400v 1.5 kW 2.4 m3/h 204.7 m

£1,101.42 Add to Cart

E.X.2-40.HTF 400v 2.2 kW 2.4 m3/h 255.9 m

£1,281.93 Add to Cart

E.X.2-48.HTF 400v 2.2 kW 2.4 m3/h 300 m

£1,371.87 Add to Cart

E.X.3-6.HTF 400v 0.37 kW 4.2 m3/h 33.3 m

£829.19 Add to Cart

E.X.3-9.HTF 400v 0.55 kW 4.2 m3/h 50 m

£854.07 Add to Cart

E.X.3-13.HTF 400v 0.75 kW 4.2 m3/h 72.2 m

£902.87 Add to Cart

E.X.3-19.HTF 400v 1.1 kW 4.2 m3/h 105.5 m

£990.17 Add to Cart

E.X.3-25.HTF 400v 1.5 kW 4.2 m3/h 138.8 m

£109.43 Add to Cart

E.X.3-32.HTF 400v 2.2 kW 4.2 m3/h 177.6 m

£1,243.49 Add to Cart

E.X.3-39.HTF 400v 2.2 kW 4.2 m3/h 216.5 m

£1,372.73 Add to Cart

E.X.3-45.HTF 400v 3 kW 4.2 m3/h 249.8 m

£1,549.71 Add to Cart

E.X.3-51.HTF 400v 3 kW 4.2 m3/h 283.1 m

£1,603.58 Add to Cart

E.X.5-4.HTF 400v 0.37 kW 6 m3/h 24.5 m

£820.72 Add to Cart

E.X.5-6.HTF 400v 0.55 kW 6 m3/h 36.8 m

£837.84 Add to Cart

E.X.5-8.HTF 400v 0.75 kW 6 m3/h 49.1 m

£870.35 Add to Cart

E.X.5-13.HTF 400v 1.1 kW 6 m3/h 79.7 m

£956.77 Add to Cart

E.X.5-17.HTF 400v 1.5 kW 6 m3/h 104.3 m

£1,047.52 Add to Cart

E.X.5-21.HTF 400v 2.2 kW 6 m3/h 128.8 m

£1,175.86 Add to Cart

E.X.5-25.HTF 400v 2.2 kW 6 m3/h 153.3 m

£1,204.99 Add to Cart

E.X.5-29.HTF 400v 3 kW 6 m3/h 178 m

£1,364.16 Add to Cart

E.X.5-34.HTF 400v 3 kW 6 m3/h 209 m

£1,401.79 Add to Cart

E.X.5-38.HTF 400v 4 kW 6 m3/h 233.1 m

£1,740.73 Add to Cart

E.X.5-45.HTF 400v 4 kW 6 m3/h 276 m

£1,791.21 Add to Cart

E.X.8-6.HTF 400v 0.75 kW 11.4 m3/h 38.4 m

£870.35 Add to Cart

E.X.8-8.HTF 400v 1.1 kW 11.4 m3/h 51.2 m

£938.82 Add to Cart

E.X.8-12.HTF 400v 1.5 kW 11.4 m3/h 76.8 m

£1,039.80 Add to Cart

E.X.8-17.HTF 400v 2.2 kW 11.4 m3/h 108.8 m

£1,201.51 Add to Cart

E.X.8-20.HTF 400v 3 kW 11.4 m3/h 128 m

£1,336.70 Add to Cart

E.X.8-23.HTF 400v 3 kW 11.4 m3/h 147.2 m

£1,351.33 Add to Cart

E.X.8-27.HTF 400v 4 kW 11.4 m3/h 172.8 m

£1,705.63 Add to Cart

E.X.8-31.HTF 400v 4 kW 11.4 m3/h 198.4 m

£1,742.38 Add to Cart

E.X.8-36.HTF 400v 5.5 kW 11.4 m3/h 230.4 m

£1,980.35 Add to Cart

E.X.8-42.HTF 400v 5.5 kW 11.4 m3/h 268.8 m

£2,034.68 Add to Cart

E.X.10-8.HTF 400v 1.5 kW 15 m3/h 48.2 m

£1,002.20 Add to Cart

E.X.10-12.HTF 400v 2.2 kW 15 m3/h 72.3 m

£1,137.29 Add to Cart

E.X.10-17.HTF 400v 3 kW 15 m3/h 102.4 m

£1,312.79 Add to Cart

E.X.10-23.HTF 400v 4 kW 15 m3/h 138.6 m

£1,628.60 Add to Cart

E.X.10-31.HTF 400v 5.5 kW 15 m3/h 186.8 m

£1,880.08 Add to Cart

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