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What are Grinder Pumps?

The grinder pumps take care of the “dirty” part of the domestic wastes, which is invisible in everyday life, but which does not lose its extreme importance. We are talking about the problem of the collection and disposal of various wastes that inevitably accumulate in the family business process.

Surface Grinder pumps: these are self-priming devices capable of lifting a viscous fluid with a significant amount of contamination from a certain depth through a lowered sleeve in the discharge hole. Used in private homes are equipped with a self-prime.

Submersible pump. They have small dimensions, are simple in seldom or permanent use.,They do not produce noise. They do not need air cooling, since during operation they are in a liquid medium that removes heat from the electric motor.

Despite the large variety of models offered for sale and a significant price range, almost all submersible faecal pumps are arranged in approximately the same way. The quality of them change their durability

Typical scheme of the submersible grinder pump is positioned vertically. The upper part is an electric drive, protected by a housing, in metal, less often in plastic.
The power cable enters the case from above, ensuring complete sealing of the entry point.
To transport the pump and hang it in a cesspool on a cable, a metal handle is rigidly fixed on the body. Sometimes there re special eyelets . Inside there is an electric drive – a stator and a rotor. An oil chamber is located between the electric drive and the pump’s working chamber – a sealed cavity filled with special technical oil.

It performs three actions:

  1. tight coupling of the sealing sleeves on the rotating shaft
  2. lubrication of the bearings
  3. remove heat, that is to cool the friction units.

From the bottom, the chamber is usually closed with a lid that also plays a role in the destruction of waste. Inside the chamber there is an impeller (you can find the difference between impellers here).

The rotation of the wheel creates a powerful centrifugal acceleration of the fluid, a significant increase in pressure on the periphery of the chamber with a vacuum in the center, which leads to the formation of a current with a large pressure, which comes out through a special tube.

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