Alternatives to Lowara 2GS05M-L4C GS Series

Change your Lowara 2GS05M-L4C

Lowara Series GS 2GS05M is a compact pump of average use. It has a power of 0.55 kW that make it low consumption and ideal for uses of maximum 50 mts deep.

Main uses:

This compact unit is ideal for domestic use or applications where space is limited. You can use this pump in a borehole bigger than 4 inches; is recommended to use it in domestic situations.

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Lowara 2GS05M-L4C vs ZDS QS4P.2-12.O3

Lowara is an international brand present for many years and is a standard for quality. The outer sleeve is in stainless steel and the impeller inside are in technopolymer.

The main advantages of this pump are the building quality and the great efficiency, and some cost savings (12£ saved each year)

The disadvantages are Lowara uses floating impeller technology which are great in efficiency but they need optimal starting torque force to start and they not really like sand. In borehole with sand conditions they may struggle.

ZDS is a world leader producer of hydraulics with many special patents. Pump head and lower support is made of a powered materials we sow resist to acid water corrosion (low pH value) and ferrous water.

Main advantages are:

Incredible amount of working hours
Strong materials resistant to acid and mechanical forces.
Integrated filter inside the lower support.
floating ring technology that make it resist to heavy sand conditions
It automatically eliminates any air contained in the submersible pump.

The disadvantages are the final price of this pump even if it lasts more many years than average pumps.




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