What’s the best water pump?

The problem with internet is that this is fullfilled with marketing campaigns of cheap products advertised as the best and the greatest. But at the end of the day you will buy something that you may consider a great purchase and then feel like fooled, with a chinese rubbish object that will last some months instead of some years.

You need to put quality in your garden, field, home and industry. To invest a little amount of money to get the job done for years.

We want to answer the question “What’s the best water pump?” with our own experience. We use the same products at a professional and industrial level, we are no marketing specialists on pumps and we are more into services that into pumps sales. You may think the opposite, but you don’t know that our main aim is to increase volume sales to get better wholesale prices for us to help us and customers.

Why do lasting time makes the difference and not the price itself

Invest your money on something durable.

If you spend 500£ for something that last 1 month isn’t good enough as the same amount splitted for 12 months or more.

Chinese producers mentality

The market is full of this. Billions of people, billions of sold products at cheap price.

You can easily pick them for some small or short use.

In fact we can understand that you buy a Samsung because is a top notch product Made in South Korea, then it slow down by software because this is their intent.

Pumps Niches producers mentality

We have found that european producers, americans and Japanes are incredible in term of product quality and many of them grown in this solely industry sector. They keep going with a long lasting production mentality: no programmed obsolescence, just make everyone having their product.

Second hand water pumps

This is a good idea. Please be just careful on knowing that a good car with some years of use can last other many years, but you need to know the actual situation otherwise

What’s the best water pump?

What is the cheapest drainage pump?

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We will Soon write a list of best Pumps by type:

Borehole and Submersible

for Draiange

and so on

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