PEEL Pumps offer a Site Automated Monitoring System which can be tailored to site requirements. For example, a site alarm text messenger unit for intruder, power failure and common fault signals. It will log data and alarms which can provide valuable history of the system and how to improve performance. All the information can monitored and edited via a secure web page from any internet connection.

As technology is always improving and sites are always expanding, our system can be upgraded via the internet as new areas and products are introduced.

Remote Monitoring

How can you be sure your far-off facilities are working? How can you identify any faults before they cause a breakdown?

You may need to monitor your landfill sites leachate pumps/treatment systems, sewage treatment systems and pumping stations from a central control point. Advances in technology now mean you can keep an eye on your out-of-the-way sites or unmanned facilities with the latest remote control and monitoring equipment.

PEEL Pumps will design and install the right system for you using either internet based technology, SCADA and / or integrated telemetry control.

The benefits to you are significant. We can help you identify any faults before they become a problem. Your facilities can be run much more efficiently and your operational procedures streamlined saving you time and money.