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ZDS 230v 4″ Plug & Go Submersible Pump

The ZDS Plug & Go 4″ single-phase complete solution is completely automatic, easy to install and ready to use. The Plug & Go is supplied with a 1.5m complete cable with connector as standard. Please note that you may require a joint kit, HO7 cable and utilisation of our cable jointing service, all of which can be found in the accessories section.

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The ZDS Plug & Go 4″ single-phase complete solution is completely automatic, as a result is easy to install and comes ready to use. The pump includes a ZDS hydraulic part with integrated electronic, 2-wires single-phase encapsulated water-cooled motor, supply cable and also 1.5m complete cable with connector.

The Plug&Go submersible pump has been manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and is available up to a maximum delivery of 6.000 l/h while the head is a maximum of 79 m.

This unique product is particularly recommended for domestic installations, since it is completely automatic and easy to install. This solution requires a pressure tank to compensate for any leaks in the plant, while a pressure switch is not required. We also reccomend for resevoirs

The integrated electronics ensures the operation of the pump and also protects the pump against many possible problems.

ZDS Plug & Go Specification

  • kW: 0.37 – 1.1;
  • Degree of protection: IP68;
  • Maximum quantity of suspended sand: 120 g/m3;
  • Insulation: F;
  • Rated ambient temperature: maximum 30oC;
  • Cooling flow: minimum 8 cm/sec;
  • Mounting: vertical/horizontal, shaft upwards;
  • Maximum delivery (Q): 6.000 l/h;
  • Head (H) maximum: 79 m;
  • Maximum depth: 20m – 50m;
  • Outlet diameter: 1″ G-F;
  • Allowed range of water pH: 6.4 – 8.0.

Can we help?

If you require any technical assistance then please contact a member of our team on 01706 558 352 or sales@peelpumps.co.uk. We will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Plug & Go

Plug & Go – PG.1001, Plug & Go – PG.2001, Plug & Go – PG.3001, Plug & Go – PG.5001

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