Progressive Cavity Pumps

A progressive cavity pump is recommended when pumping water containing impurities/solids. It transfers fluid by means of the progress, through the pump, of a sequence of small, fixed shape, discrete cavities, as its rotor is turned. As one cavity diminishes another increase, the net flow amount has minimal variation as the total displacement is equal. The rotor seals tightly against the stator as it rotates, forming a set of fixed-size cavities in between. The cavities move when the rotor is rotated but their shape or volume does not change. The pumped material is moved inside the cavities. This design results in a flow with little to no pulse. The pump rotor is basically made of a screw, which is moved by the electric motor at a certain speed. Progressive cavity pumps can be surface pumps or submersible pumps. They are very simple to install and maintain since they are made of only 3 main units: a helical rotor, coupling and an outer sleeve. Progressive cavity pumps are usually couples with three phase motor since they need a lot of starting torque to start and run. Furthermore, their rotation is opposite to traditional pumps, so they either need a special single-phase motor (extra starting torque) or three phase motor (modifying the rotor direction).

Peel pumps uses this particular kind of product in landfill site, in order to pump contaminated water and solids. This pump works well in harsh conditions.

In term of maintenance, progressive cavity pumps are equipped with a rubber stator that can be easily changed with low cost of maintenance. The duration of this stator, it depends on the usage of the pump and if the pump is protected from dry running.

Peel Pumps carry a very large stock of progressive cavity pumps for next day deliveries, it can provide the full service, including fittings, pressure tank, press control and many other products.

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