A Brass Gate Valve is a standard gate valve, which can be used for a variety of applications, within fuel and water installations, and are suitable for use with diesel, oil and water. These brass gate valves are designed for starting/shutting off flow,

Gate valves are used to shut off the flow of liquids rather than for flow regulation. When fully open, the typical gate valve has no obstruction in the flow path, resulting in very low flow resistance. The size of the open flow path generally varies in a nonlinear manner as the gate is moved. This means that the flow rate does not change evenly with stem travel. Depending on the construction, a partially open gate can vibrate from the fluid flow.

At high pressures, friction can become a problem. As the gate is pushed against its guiding rail by the pressure of the medium, it becomes harder to operate the valve. Large gate valves are sometimes fitted with a bypass controlled by a smaller valve to be able to reduce the pressure before operating the gate valve itself.

Are suitable for both above-ground and underground installation. You may better choose the correct lasting one for underground installations to avoid high replacement costs caused by digging and putting out the pipes.

A brass gate valve is a multiturn valve meaning that the operation of the valve is done by means of a threaded stem. As the valve has to turn multiple times to go from open to closed position, the slow operation also prevents water hammer effects.

Gate valves can be used for a vast number of fluids.

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