The Conductance probes

The conductance probes are used to assist or solve cavitation problems phenomenon.

The phenomenon of cavitation consists of rapid vaporization, located in an area of the current with low absolute pressure, followed by rapid recondensation; it manifests itself with the formation of small steam bubbles, the instantaneous collapse of which generates very high pressure micro-jets, which can also cause serious damage to the pipe or impeller of the hydraulic machine. For a pipe, the sections subject to the risk of cavitation are those in which the piezometric line drops below the axis of the pipe itself, with the formation of a more or less accentuated depression (p <patm). For a hydraulic machine (in particular centrifugal or axial pumps and turbines) the external points of the impeller are at risk where the higher the speed and the lower the pressure.

In general

Conductance probes are devices used to measure the conductance of a solution. They measure the ability of a solution to conduct electricity and are used in a variety of applications, from monitoring water quality to measuring the concentration of dissolved salts in seawater.

Conductance probes are typically composed of two electrodes that are placed in contact with the solution to be measured. When a voltage is applied to the electrodes, current flows through the solution which is measured and used to calculate the conductance. The probes are sensitive to the composition of the solution and can be used to detect small changes in the concentration of ions.

In our cases they are used in water quality monitoring systems to measure the conductivity of water. This can be used to determine the presence of dissolved salts, as well as the presence of other dissolved solids, such as metals and organic compounds. Conductance probes can also be used to measure the salinity of seawater and to monitor the levels of dissolved oxygen in water.

Conductance probes are also used in industrial and laboratory applications to measure the conductivity of solutions. This can be used to ensure the quality of materials and to monitor the concentrations of chemicals in a variety of processes. Conductance probes can also be used to measure the pH of a solution, which is important for controlling the chemical reactions that take place in a variety of industrial processes.

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