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PEEL Pumps has had over 30 years experience maintaining and installing pumps in all aspects of the water industry

We have been maintaining a diverse range of pumps for many years and have vast experience in this field. We have hands on experience of which type of pump performs best in the environment they are installed. This coupled with our highly skilled pump specialists allows us to meet the exact needs and requirements of our customer.

Pump Installations

How is a Submersible Pump Installed? An example of Pump Installations

We do Pump Installations also on these specific ones. Why? The submersible pump is a pump that unlike the others with surface suction is inserted inside the well, thus giving the possibility to withdraw water at any depth.

The advantages of a submersible pump are:

– Being able to withdraw water at any depth, regardless of the static level of the well, ensuring the desired pressure.

– The limited maintenance required: must not be unloaded against ice in the winter; the foot valve does not need to be refilled.

– Silent, since being submerged the electric motor does not feel during its operation.

For the correct operation of the submersible pump, the relative accessories must also be installed.

The main accessories of the submersible pump are:

  • Galvanized / polyethylene suction or suction tube
  • Non-return valve
  • Watertight joint between the submerged pump cable and the line
  • Line cable
  • Submerged door
  • Control box
  • Level probes (Min. And Max.)

For the installation of the submersible pump , a winch present on our crane or the crane of a colleague is used and in the case of galvanized pipe, we drop it into the well one at a time up to the desired height. Therefore the size of our machine for the realization of this type of work is extremely reduced.

For more information on the design, drilling, construction, assistance and maintenance services of submersible pumps and every other pumps in UK (Central areas and other) contact us.




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