Professional deep well water pumps

deep well water pumps are the best solution for lifting water, especially when you need good head and flow and you are looking at efficiency. However, you should keep in mind that any problems you might have with the pump… the pump need to be pulled up and checked. The deeper the borehole is the most expensive this procedure will be. Therefore, when we are talking about deep well water pump we always recommend professional deep well water pump, especially when you installed your pump deeper than 20 meters.

A professional deep well water pump like ZDS for example, features oil cooled motors have been tested up to and   overcoming 18000 hours of working operation with more than 10.000 start and stop. We have motors which are still under test which have exceeded these results. Encapsulated, water cooled motors like ZDS H2 motors or Franklin motors, in clean water could last even longer; we reached over 30.000 hours of working operation at 20 bars with 500.000 start and stop programmed with ZDS H2 motor. If we talk about Hydraulic, we tested ZDS QS4P hydraulic part in 2.500 grams of sand/m3, they lasted 1.600 hours before collapsing. During this test, 6.000 m3 of water and 15 m3 of sand passed through our impellers. We have not found another pump from competitors, which has lasting longer than ZDS in such condition. The same is for Peel mono Pumps, they are coupled with ZDS motors or with Franklin motor and we have heavily tested them. They are completely in stainless still for long lasting even in aggressive waters.

PEEL Pumps stock a large range of Franklin motors in its warehouse for prompt delivery. Franklin Motors is well known for its reliability and longevity. These motors are encapsulated water-cooled motors built in ISO 9001 certified facilities for outstanding performance in 4” or larger water wells. We have single phase motors and three phase motors available on stock and we can couple them with ZDS outstanding hydraulics parts or with Sigma hydraulics in case of heavy duty needs. We can also provide three phase motors 220-230 volt and Franklin 6” and 8” submersible pump.


Deep Well Pumps for garden and irrigation

Submerisble Deep Well pumps are the best solution for garden irrigation. To have a nourished garden that is always green, a good irrigation system is nowadays must. Dry summers and unpredictable weather, could heavily damage your garden. If you take pride in your garden, it is always good to act first and install a good irrigation system.

Our best solution for irrigation system is ZDS Plug&Go EVO.

Domestic Pressure Boosting

Borehole pumps for domestic pressure boosting

To boost the pressure to a dwelling, a borehole pump can be used inside a water tank or directly from the borehole. A 4” borehole pump can reach the total pressure of 30 bar, with such pressure it is possible to pressure a domestic system

If a constant pressure is required, a frequency converter is required to control the pump. We recommend our frequency converter Archimede from Electroil, this product, changing the speed of the pump according to the water demand required, it guarantee a fix pressure in the system and an overall saving in electricity bill.

It is commonly known that a submersible pump use 40% less energy than a traditional booster pump,

pumps for reservoirs

In order to empty water reservoirs, especially when we are speaking about large amount of water to be pumped, a borehole pump can be the best solution.

When we have a clean water, a borehole pump is the best application, when we have dirty water application, it is better to use a sewage pump like Peel Pumps DK for example.

Another product that can be used for emptying reservoirs is our Ark, automatic pump. This pump is fully automatic.

pumps for swimming pool

Pumps can be used to full a swimming pool, but they are not the best solution for water circulation or filtration in swimming pool.  Specific Swimming pool pump are more adequate for this purpose.

Submersible Deep Weel Pumps to move clean water

These pumps can be used in boreholes, but also in water tank to move clean water. Traditional borehole pumps with impellers, can handle clean water with maximum 120 gr of sand for m3

We have tested ZDS QS4P 5-8 series (flow up to 100 l/min), with 20.000 grams of sand/m3, it starts with 0,55 Nm of torque (equal to 110V-120V). When we tested against our competitors with a like for like motor, the starting torque needed to start their pumps was 2,55 Nm (equal to 220V). We tested our QS4P hydraulic part in 2.500 grams of sand/m3, they lasted 1.600 hours before collapsing. During this test, 6.000 m3 of water and 15 m3 of sand passed through the impellers. Impressive!

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Peel Pumps offer a number of different solution as professional deep well water and submersible pump, depending on the customer requirements and budget available. Please write to us at sales to get the best quotation and most of everything the best advice.

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