De-watering pump and dewatering pumps for construction

A Dewatering pump is generally known as a centrifugal pump used to remove water. As you can see this is a very general description and it needs a further clarification.

Construction dewatering pumps are normally used, (usually for a set time period) to remove water at construction site, building, tunnels or mines.
For example, It can be used to remove underground water or to keep the underground water level below a certain level. When a new building is developed, or a new tunnel for the metro designed, the soil where the construction will be developed it is analysed. If there is water in the soil, a dewatering pump will be used to remove the water.

We have a number of these pumps available; it depends on where we will install it and the quality of the water pumped. Borehole pumps are often used as dewatering pumps, but in this case, the pumped water needs to be clean water or filtered water.

ZDS Range for example, especially series 8 and series 10 are quite popular with dewatering companies. These pumps can be single phase or three phase 230 volt or three phase 400 volt.

Vortex pump or Channel pumps are also used as construction dewatering pumps. These models are less efficient than borehole pumps (because of their design) however they can handle solids (in case the water is not clean) of different sizes. In some application they represent the only possible solution. They can be Single phase or three phase 230 Volt or three phase 400Volt.

Examples of Vortex or channel pumps are the Peel DK Black pumps, or BBC Semisom Pump or SIGMA CZ pumps.

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