Atex Pumps for Explosive Areas

Atex pumps

ATEX (from the French ATmosphere EXplosive or Areas with Explosive Atmospheres), refers to two new EU directives relating to the danger of explosion within different areas. The first ATEX directive (94/9/EC) deals with the requirements pertaining to equipment used in areas where there is a danger of explosion. In order to be certified atex, the manufacturer must fulfil the requirements and mark his products with the relevant approval. The second ATEX directive, (99/92/EC) deals with the minimum health and safety requirements that the user must fulfil, when working within areas where there is a danger of explosion.

Atex pump are used in areas where there is a risk of explosion, in this situation, it is essential to make sure that the pump is suitable for the area classification & the characteristics of the flammable substances present in the plant. There is a number of factors to take into consideration when selecting an ATEX pump as: group classification, area classification, gas group classification, characteristics of the flammable substances & the temperature class. It is important to have extensive experience in the field in order to provide the best recommendation on which pump to use and if it is suitable for the required application.

Most pump models can be certificated Atex, we can have submersible pump, drainage pump, centrifugal pumps etc.

The ATEX directive does not have retrospective implications. However, pre-existing products maybe be subject to control and analysis. In case of problems or defects, (wear etc) the old products must be replaced with new equipment that complies with the ATEX directive. Furthermore, products that are specifically made for use in areas with the high explosion risk should only be marketed when they fully comply with the ATEX directive.

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What Atex means?

from the French ATmosphere EXplosive that means Areas with Explosive Atmospheres

Where do you use Atex Pumps?

Atex pump are used in areas where there is a risk of explosion. Waste water or every dangerous field.

What are the best Atex Pumps?

Alma RW Ex series




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