Sewage centrifugal pumps also known as submersible heavy duty pumps, they are normally used to transfer sewage liquids and solids from 2 different places. Sewage pumps can be used in residential or industrial application and they can be of different sizes and prices.

In domestic application, The pumped solids can be from 50 mm to usually 90 mm, this pump is usually installed in the lowest point of the sewage basin and it pumps into a septic pump or sewer system.


They can be single phase 230 Volt or three phase 400 Volt and they can work in manual or in automatic. Automatic sewage pumps are generally controlled by a flow switch integrated in the pump. The flow switch starts and stop the pump according to the level of liquid in the basin. Manual sewage pump are generally controlled by an external panel and they can run as a single unit or coupled with other sewage pumps.

Thanks to its  special design, in a heavy duty pump solids pass the pumps without clogging it. Centrifugal submersible sewage pump can be grinder pumps, vortex pumps or channel pumps. Depending on the solids to be handled you can decide which one to use. When the pump is powered, the pump’s shaft start to rotate, creating the pressure that pushes water into the impeller and goes into the discharge pipe.

There are also the effluent pump. These pumps are often used in domestic application or small on-site system. The effluent is a clear liquid, these pumps are usually medium sized  and very efficient. Since they do not have to handle solid, they have a “ closed” impeller design that increase the head and flow of the pump. Effluent pumps can be in plastic, cast iron or stainless still.

Another type of pump is the Solid Handling Pumps or sewage ejector pumps. These pumps are designed to handle solids and raw sewage, they usually have a vortex “open” impeller and can be single phase 230 Volt of three phase 400 volt. Solid handling pumps are more often in stainless still or cast iron.

Grinder Pumps are also included in the family of these pumps. The difference between a solid handling pump and a grinder pump is that the last one  tends to brake or cut the solid, instead of passing it. Grinder pumps feature special blade in the impeller, are less effective than solid handling or affluent pump but very effective with solids. These pumps are usually only three phase 400 volt, since they need a bigger starting torquer to start and run. Most grinder pumps in the market are in cast iron, the price of a grinder pumps is normally the highest among sewage pump.

It is very important to select the correct pump for every application. Here at Peel pumps we are happy to support you in the selection of the correct pump or to build up a domestic, industrial or farm system. Please write us at  or call 01706 558352 for any further information.

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