Water Pumps for sale for Agriculture, Farming and Gardening wells

Water pumps for sale for Agriculture and farming are expanding sectors in UK, for this reason Peel Pumps decided to specialize in this business.

We can divide the agriculture sector in two main areas, small medium agriculture and large application and Peel Pumps apply to both

Which water pumps do you need for agriculture?

In agriculture you can apply a very vast number of pumps according to your needs.

Often your water system is made of a number of pumps working together, making the good mix of products and organizing the all structure is what does really make the difference.

Innovative software system like Eboxx, are important tools to have in order to keep your installation always under control. Thanks to this innovative software technology you can control one or more pumps with only one smartphone application. This means that you do not need an engineer every time, to change the setting of your pump, it is so easy that everybody can do it without problems.

Owever there are different solution as agricultural water pumps and they depend on the customer requirements and budget available. Please write to us at sales@peelpumps.co.uk to get the best quotation and most of everything the best advice.

Submersible water pumps for farming and gardening wells

The submersible pump is always the most efficient way to lift water from a well.

Furthermore, if the water level in the well is more than 9 meters from the ground surface, a submersible pump become the only system to pump water from the well.

A well can be of many different diameters and as deep as 200 meters (domestic or small farms) or even deeper in other application.

It is important to know the dynamic water level and the static water level in order to select the correct pump model.

For well up to 10 meters deep for example it is possible to install a “Monobloc submersible pump” like Peel Pumps ark or DR. These are slightly cheaper and specifically designed for this kind of application.

When we go deeper than 10/20 meters, we better select a traditional borehole pump 4” standard NEMA dimension liker the ZDS pump.

Important information to select the correct pump:

  • What is the application and what is the liquid being pumped? Clean water, dirty water with solids etc…
  • Which power supply do you have? 230V single phase, 400V three phase?
  • What type and size pipe are installed?
  • Flow rate and pressure required?
  • What is the dimension of the well? For example if the well is very large, we have to make sure the submersible pump is correctly cooled (this apply to standard 4”Nema dimension pumps)

Submersible water pumps for well are professional products and they need the correct information to be selected, this is the extra value Peel pump can offer.

Please write to us or call Us to get the best advice.

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