Difference between Sewage and Drainage Pumps

Sewage vs Drainage

The two words, which are often used in the field of hydraulics, are drainage system and sewage system. There must be a proper system to send out excess or waste water. Drainage systems and sewage systems are used for this purpose.


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Sewage is the process by which waste matters is carried away by sewers. Foul water and surface water are the two main types of waste water. Foul water includes water from sinks, toilets, kitchen, showers, etc. Surface water includes water from the roof down pipes, rain water. A sewer means a pipe, either be a privately owned pipe or public sewer, which takes off foul water or surface water. When designing sewage system the slope of the pipes or sewers and volume of sewage, route of sewers must appropriately be selected such that it ensures the even flow under gravity and not leaving any solids behind. Modern sewage systems include domestic sewers, industrial sewers, and storm sewers. Normally, the sludge that is obtained from sedimentation process is used as fertilizer or dumped into the sea.

Sewage Pumps are used in these systems.

Let’s continue to the difference between sewage and drainage pumps


Drainage Pump

A system of watercourses or drains for carrying off excess water is known as the drainage system. In geomorphology, drainage system is seen as the pattern formed by the lakes, streams and rivers in a particular drainage basin. In general, drainage system denotes man made system of drainage. A suitable, good drainage system is important because, if there is no proper drainage system water does not run off, instead it becomes standing water that will smell and allows mosquito breeding. It will harm the health of human beings and may cause diseases like cholera.

Drainage pumps are intended to be used where there is an already installed water system with a proper logic of drain.

More widely, this term is used to every kind of pump that drain water.

So What is the difference between Drainage and Sewage Pump?

Drainage pumps are intended to be used where there is an already installed water system with a proper logic of drain. Sewage pumps are used for foul water and surface water: the two main types of waste water.

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