Water Pump Guidelines

Water Pump Guidelines

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How to select the borehole pump?

In order to select the correct borehole pump, several factors have to be considered such as:
A) Water Dynamic level: Maximum distance between the water surface (while the pump is operating) and the ground level.
B) Operating Pressure: Required pressure for the system.
C) Total Head required: This is given adding the water dynamic level + the operating pressure required + the highest utilization point + the head losses of the pipes.
D) Flow Required: This is the amount of water we want our system to deliver at a certain pressure.

How to calculate the max head of a borehole pump?

What do we mean with “clean the water”?

We intend a liquid without solids nor mug or viscous liquids.

How can I clean my pump?

Operating the pump for 48hr with a special cleaning product, it could be the easiest way to clean your pump without disassembling it. We recommend Wesso clean product, it is Ecological, effective and it can be also used to clean the borehole at the same time.
For more info do not hesitate to contact us at sales@peelpumps.co.uk

When to use a single phase or a 3 phase motors?

This depends on the power supply available. When it is possible, 3 phase solution are a better option.

How to control more than one pump together?

A Control panel is the best way to control one or more pumps at the same time.

Why my pump is performing less than before?

This could be due to a number of reasons:
a) The pump is dirty or partially clogged.
b) The pumps’ part are worn out
c) A leaking pipe
d) A frozen or blocked pipe
e) Unstable power supply

How can I defend my pump system from lightnings?

Installing fuses or voltage pick protectors such as the ZDS SLP, at the main supply.

What is the pump tolerance for voltage drop?

It is usually 15%, but it depends on the pump motor.

Why should I use the DRP?

The DRP as for Dry Running Protector avoid that your pump drain air instead of water causing a damage

What are the limits of DRP?

The main limits are the followings:
Water conductivity, DRP does not work in rainwater or demineralized water.
Too many start and stop: the DRP protects the pump from Dry running, it can not work as a float.

Can I use the DRP with an inverter?

No, DRP can not be assembled with an inverter.

Can I use a DRP with a press control?

Yes, you can use the DRP with a press control.

How should I size the pressure in the tank in my domestic system?

It depends on the application, please contact us at Peel Pumps for advice at sales@peelpumps.co.uk.

How often should I check the air pressure in pressure tank?

The air pressure should be checked at least once per year.

What is the pressure loss in meter for every 100 meters of rectilinear pipeline?

It depends on the pipe size and flow. Please check the link 2 for advise or contact us at sales@peelpumps.co.uk

Can be a submersible pump damaged by frozen?

The submersible is normally immerged in underground water and it does not freeze, however the pipe connected to the pump can freeze. If this happens you can burn the pump.

How can I solve problem in low pressure in my house?

You can solve this problem increasing the pressure in the pressure tank or installing a second multistage pump.

What is the difference between an oil-cooled motor and encapsulated motor?

The main difference is that the stator in the encapsulated motor is encapsulated in resin, while in the oil cooled motor is immerged in dielectric oil.

Where are Franklin Motors made?

Franklin Electric (NASDAQ:FELE) is a manufacturer of submersible pumps, submersible electric motors, and components for applications such as fueling systems and center pivot irrigation systems. The company was founded in 1944 in BlufftonIndiana, USA and named in honor of Benjamin Franklin

Where is ZDS?

ZDS Plants are set in Norther Italy in an high industrialized area, in Padua. They founded also DAB Pumps and sold it later years

Where are Peel Pumps Control Panels made?

Philip Parker Electrical Environmental Ltd custom design their control panels in UK, in Ramsbottom city in Greater Manchester area.

What are the Franklin Motors and Franklin Electric Warranty Terms?

 The general warranty terms is 24 months

When should I use a jet pump instead of a multistage pump?

Jet pump are self priming while multistage pump are not. If you need a self-priming pump, it is better to go for a jet pump, however, multistage pump deliver more pressure and flow. In order to pressurize a system, it is better to use a multistage pump.

When I should use a progressive cavity pump?

A progressive cavity pump is recommended when pumping water containing impurities/solids. It trans-fers fluid by means of the progress, through the pump, of a sequence of small, fixed shape, discrete cavi-ties, as its rotor is turned

How can I control remotely my pump system?

You can buy an EBoxx remote control service and panel or ask for eletrical engineers to build up for you. Contact PEEL Pumps UK

What do you by rain harvesting?

This is the process of collecting and storing rain water

How should I calculate the supply cable size for my pump?

It depends on the motor power, number of phases and length of cable. Please see the table link 3 for more information

Should I use a special cable for my inverter?

Yes, it is good practise to use a dedicated cable for inverter

Can the cable I use to connect my inverter to the pump be more than 50 meters?

Yes, but special filters should be installed

Why should I put a screen filter between my pump and press control?

A screen filter prevent your press control to run with sand

What is the maximum allowed water I can get borehole without license?

The maximum allowed water without licence is 20.000 litres per day

How often my borehole can be regenerated?

It really depends on the borehole

What are the ZDS impellers made of?

ZDS impellers are made of Noryl and fiber glass

When should I use triphase motor 220V?

Three phase motors with inverters are normally used with frequency inverter, or if the installation has a 3phase 220 V power supply

where are all the data of eboxx stored?

On a secure private company server

Would you reccomend stainless steel or technopolymer version of ZDS Pump?

Stainless still ZDS Pumps have a larger range of products available, however, techno polymer versions when available are jus as good.

How long should a submersible pump last?

The average is 8 years. In these years many producers tries to make their product prone to fault to take advantage of earlier bought process. Please don’t be frauded and ask for experts. Also chose only high quality products in the well that can last 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance. ZDS Pumps and Sigma Pumps are the best in long lasting efficency

How long should a surface pump last?

A Surface pump should last on average 10 years but again, it depends on how it is used and on the quality of the water pumped.

How can I control my pump if I have no space for a pressure switch, press control and big tank?

You can buy a Plug&Go. This is an automatic pump with an integrated capacitor and dry running protection. This is the only completely automatic borehole pump you can buy, max depth 50m

What is the difference between a channel pump and vortex pump?

The main difference stays in the design of the impeller. A vortex pump handles better solid in the water but it has a lower efficiency

What is a grinder pump?

A Grinder pump specially designed for dirty water and solids.

What does TUV Rheinland Certification stand for?

TUV Rheinland Certificate TUVs are German consulting businesses that specialize in certifying compliance with various recognized safety and qualification standards. TUV stands for Technischer Überwachungsverein (Technical Inspection Association). They are worldwide famous and excellence in the industrial field.

What is MEI Index?

Mei Index is a standard of efficiency that every pump manufacture has to respect.

What is the advantage of using polyetilen pipe against galvanized steel?

Polyethylene pipe can be used for drinking water

Why is the difference between 2 wires and 3 wires motor?

The difference between a 2wire and 3wire pump is based on the type of motor that is used. A 3wire single phase motor requires a control box with a starting capacitor. Because of this starting arrangement, the motor requires three “hot” leads (plus a lead for the ground connection) to operate correctly.

What does mean O2, O3, HTF, H3F, H2?

O2 is an oil cooled 2 wire single phase 230V motor
O3 is an oil cooled 3 wire single phase 230V motor
HTF is a Franklin 3 phase 400V motor
H3F is a Franklin 3 wire single phase 230V motor
H2 is an encapsulated 2 wire single phase 230V motor

What is SQ Grundfos pump?

SQ is a 3” borehole pump

How much electricity is used by a pump?

You can find it reading the NOM kW values. The higher the value, the higher the consume.

How much cost year running of a pump?

It depends on the pump and on cost of electricity

What is a difference between a submersible and surface pump?

A submersible pump works under water, while a surface pump it works on surface

How can I program my eboxx system?

Download the application on google play and set you pump using your mobile phone

What maximum power the eboxx system can work with?

It depends if single phase or three phase, but you can operate nearly every power

What does mean NIC Approved Contractor?

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) is one of several organisations which regulates the training and work of electrical enterprises in the UK. The NICEIC is one of several providers given Government approval to offer Competent Person Schemes to oversee electrical work within the electrical industry. PEEL Pumps is NIC approved contractor.

What kind of services Peel Pumps offers?

Peel Pumps has a big range of pump in stock, it services a large number of landfill sites in UK with pumps and control panel.

What kind of pump can use landfill sites?

We normally use ZDS Borehole pumps, Sigma pumps and sewage water pumps.

How can I remove my borehole pump from the borehole?

Normally to remove a borehole pump from your borehole, it needs to be pulled up. Contact us to help you with these tasks

What kind of pump do I need for my well?

You will need to determine the best pump size, depending on your water home needsPumps are rated in l/m (liters per minute). A typical 3- to 4-bedroom home requires 30-45 l/m. When determining your home water needs, add 4 l/m for every water fixture in your home

What is the average water consumption in UK?

While average household water use in the UK is around 150 litres per person per day.




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