Difference Between Slurry and Sludge Pumps

Differences between slurry pumps and sludge pumps start from words

Slurry is Any flowable suspension of small particles in liquid. You can have

cement slurry in construction applications;
Liquid waste from some types of mining, such as mountain top removal mining, usually very toxic and stored nearby in large dams;
Slurry’ tailings ponds;
(agriculture application) A mixture of animal waste, other organic material and sometimes water, stored in a slurry pit and used as fertilizer; also used in combination, as pig slurry, cow slurry and so on

Word differences

Sludge is A generic term for solids separated from suspension in a liquid. In industrial use you can refer to it as A residual semi-solid material left from industrial, water treatment, or wastewater treatment processes

For pumps products slurries are pumped by centrifugal pumps.

Sludges cannot. Sludges can be pumped only by positive displacement pumps such as progressive cavity pumps, diaphragm pumps, lobe pumps, and similar.  

The difference of viscosity of slurry or sludge is quite severe due to the particle shape than particle size and concentration, so there would not be any criteria about particle sizes.  

What is the difference between slurry and sludge pumps?

slurry are little solids inside a liquid, inglobated. This can be managed by centrifugal pumps or heavy duty drainage ones. Sludge are solids nearby liquids and are carried only by sludge pumps or progressive cavity pumps, diapham pumps and lobes Sigma KDFU Wastewater pump

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