Difference between vortex and channel impellers

vortex impeller
this is a vortex impeller (look at the “vortex” shape!)

This is a classic example of vortex impeller. Vortex impellers are used in dirty water, because they can cut and destroy small units sediments and filaments that dirty water contain.


  • They can suffer of air locked, when there is air in the pumped water.
  • they are not very efficient

Advantages of Vortex Impellers

Are quite effective in dirty job. They are usually used in three phase application, since they need quite a lot of torque to start and run.

There are many different of vortex pump in the market, from economic pumps made in Plastic, to very expensive pumps made in stainless still. They are usually connected to a level float, to start and stop the pump when necessary.

(Later, you can give a look in the drainage pump section)

And now advantages of the channel version

channel impeller
This is a channel impeller

This is an example of channel impellers. Channel impellers pumps are also used in dirty water, they can handle solids but they do not cut and break what they pump. They are more efficient and need less starting torque to start and run. For this reason, they are often used in single phase application.

Cons of Channel Impellers

  • In dirty water with filaments in the water, they can get easily clogged.

So, What is the difference between vortex and channel impellers?

The only difference it is basically the shape of the impellers, The vortex requires more energy, so you find in three phases, and do a great job in dirty jobs. Channel require less energy, you can find them with single-phases, but they can’t break solidspeel pumps logo

Which pump is better for me for dirty jobs?

Generally, a vortex impeller pump. You can ask PEEL Pumps the best model you need.




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