The 400v (Volt) pumps are also called three-phase pumps.

The three-phase pump is equipped with an electric motor powered by three phases, that is, by three sinusoidal voltages, and is used above all in the case of medium-high powers, such as in the industrial and automation sectors.

For the lower ones, on the other hand, the pump with a single-phase system is used, which is usually found in our homes.

In order to function, the three-phase motor requires the use of a three-phase system of 120 ° phase-shifted currents, or a generator consisting of three alternating current circuits.

What is the main function of hydraulic pumps?

The hydraulic pumps, through the energy produced by the engine, have the task of moving the flow water allowing the movement of the water from one point to another. The purposes of the electric pumps or centrifugal pumps, so called because they work thanks to the power of the electric motor and the movement of the impellers, are many including: to make the liquid re-emerge from the bottom of the well on the surface, to clean the water of a swimming pool in order to being able to filter it, displace the water to several homes after having collected it in a cistern and desalinating the water, using the hydraulic pressure to recover water.

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