Impellers Types & Their Impact

Centrifugal pumps are very common in domestic market and industrial applications. There are a number of different models among centrifugal pumps such as: open impellers, close impellers, vortex, semi closed impellers, cutter impellers ect.

It all depends on the pump’s application, the amount of solid you want to handle and the pump curve you are looking for.

Often, pumps capable of handling great amount of solid, are less efficient in term of head and flow; open impellers are less efficient but they can deal better with sewage water.

The more solid you want to handle, the bigger the motor and the pump structure will be; this normally results in a more expensive pump.

Many Impellers Types different efficiency

As the larger impeller diameter, the greater the flow/head produced, the duty determines the impeller size or trimming need. As mentioned before, open impellers as vortex, handle solid better, whereas closed impellers tend to clogged with solids.

It is important to adapt the pump you need to your application, and always keep in mind that no pump are invincible, even a cutter pump (standard cutter pump), can not handle big stone or too hard solids. Here at Peel Pumps we will be more than happy to recommend you the correct pump for the application you have.

Open impellers, semi opened impellers and closed impellers are called “channel impellers”, vortex is not a channel impeller.

Vortex impellers are probably the most versatile, they still have a good efficiency and they work in most application. Common vortex pump can handle from 40 mm to 90 mm solid, but this also depend on the solids pumped. If we need to cut the solids for example, we need a cutter pump or a chopper pump.

All these pumps are available in Single phase 230 volt and three phase 400 volt and they can be automatic (controlled by a flow switch) or manual, control by a panel.

NPSH is the determining factor from a close impeller to a open impellers. The lower NPSH factor the pump has, the more efficient it is. All these pumps are normally used to pump drainage water or sewage water, they are in cast iron or in stainless still, depending on the application.

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