What a drainage pump is?

Drainage pumps are used to quickly drain or pump large amounts of water from one place to another.

A drainage pump is a submersible pump with a built-in float switch that automatically cuts the power to the pump when there is no water left to pump. They used for pumping out water that is being drained into a sump.

What does it do?

A drainage pump should always be able to pump dirty water – this means water containing grit, sand, mud and small pebbles.

Accessories or related products you may need

In order to command the drainage pump, it’s always best to fit it with a controller, normally a plastic or rubber floater that automatically switches on and off as the water rises and falls.

We also recommend fitting a good removable cover over the sump pit for easy access to the drainage pump and to stop any person from falling into the sump.

Different Types

There are many different drainage pumps in the market, domestic pump, agricultural and industrial pumps. Some drainage pump cannot handle any solids, some other (Grinder pumps) can handle solids and dirty water.  Submersible drainage pumps can pump water at various speeds, depending if they are connected to an inverter or not and of course it always depends on the size of the motor.

Domestic use

In domestic use, these pumps  can drain flooded basements, empty swimming pools, tackle waterlogged areas of a garden. They are very flexible in their use. Usually they are equipped of single phase motor and much cheaper
Are maintenance free and are very easy to install.

Industrial use of drainage pumps

In industrial use, drainage pumps have open multi-channel impellers and multi uses, too.
You can use them for draining soiled water; others are good at effluent drainage, draining wells and to stand in areas that are prone to flooding.

Their drainage motor is usually three phase. Ti gives (usually) a greater starting torque and it is used a lot need when handling solids.

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