Irrigation Pumps for sale in UK

Irrigation pumps are the best solution for garden irrigation or for big fields in agriculture. To have a nourished plants field that is always green, a good irrigation system is nowadays must. Dry summers and unpredictable weather, could heavily damage your garden. If you take pride in your garden, it is always good to act first and install a good irrigation system.

It is commonly known how these products that you will find here are more efficient than surface jet or booster pump, A jet pump cannot be used where the water level is lower than 7 meters from the ground floor (in this condition the water can only be lifted by a submersible pump and not sucked by a surface pump, the gravity force would be to strong).

In order to maintain a green and nice garden, it is recommended to irrigate every day, two hours in the morning and two hours when the sun goes down and the temperature is cooler. Since a borehole pump consumes 40% less energy than a standard surface jet/booster pump, it easy to understand why borehole pumps are the best and more economical solution for garden and irrigation.

These products installation are easy and always under ground level. This has a number of advantages such as: No need of protection from atmospheric agents, no freezing problems, silent pump running and easy installation. All these are big advantages when you consider that often boreholes are located many meters away from the house or the power supply.

Our best solution for irrigation system is ZDS Plug&Go EVO. This is an automatic pump, with integrated protection and pressure switch; the easiest installation for a submersible pump. Peel Pumps however offer a number of different solution for irrigation, depending on the garden size, the borehole or well available and the budget the customer wants to invest. Please write to us at sales to get the best quotation and the best advice for your application.

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