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Number #1 Best Seller

ZDS Pump QPGO Model P2-16

Pretty easy to understand why this product is number 1 in our catalogue. Here we show all the list of technical data of what it does. Further, we have had good working experience with this long-lasting product.

It is a complete solution submersible pump unit, designed and tested to ensure smooth and trouble-free running for years. 230v and 4″ size.

The O2 motors are ZDS single-phase, oil-cooled and are suitable for 4” wells and larger. ZDS Pump innovation has taken a step further than competition in developing single phase motors with integrated capacitors. These products are very easy to install, they do not need external control boxes to run and they have thermal protection and overload protection integrated in the motors. Thanks to ZDS Especially designed capacitors, these motors have exceeded 20.000 hours continuous running tests.


0.25 – 1.5 kW;230 – 240v / 50Hz;Voltage tolerence: +6% / -10%;Thrust: 1.500N; 2.500N;4″ NEMA standard dimensions;Degree of protection: IP68;Insulation: CI.F;Allowed working PH of water: 6,4-8,0;Rated Ambient temp: max 40oC;Maximum Immersion Depth: 150m;Cooling Flow: min 8 cm/sec;Starts/h: 150;Mounting: vertical/horizontal;Supplied with 1.5m of cable.Rewindable stator and rotor immersed in dielectrit fluid (FDA approved)Oversized axial and radial oil-lubricated bearings to guarantee longer life to the motor.Removable lead connector.Sand protection to guarantee optimal operation even with sand in the borehole.100% tested motors

Ebara Best One: Best-Selling nr.2

Best-Selling nr. 2: The Ebara Best One Series are submersible electric pumps utilized to move clean water and with power through pressure in AISI 304 Stainless Steel. These pumps are utilized for depleting wells, carports, basements and spots subject to flooding, treatment of drainage water or wastewater, water not containing solids. The Ebara Best One Series is dependable and safe, notwithstanding being innovatively and mechanically streamlined and with a reexamined outline.


Technical DetailsTechnical DataMaterials
Standard mechanical seal;New and revised design and shape;Technologically and also mechanically optimised;Suitable for use in either fixed or mobile installations;Equipped with 5m of HO5 RN-F power supply cable for indoor use (10m for outdoor use), available with or without float.Maximum immersion: 5m;Maximum temperature of the liquid: 50˚C;Max. solids size for passage: 10 mm or 20 mm for the VOX versionAsynchronous motor, 2 poles;Class of insulation: F;IP68 protection rating;Discharge connection: G11/4.External casing, impeller, filter, motor cover, seal housing disc and motor also case in AISI 304;Shaft in AISI 303;Mechanical seal in 

Best-Selling #3 Drainage Pump EGO 500

Best-Selling nr.3: The EGO 500 SELS Pump is designed for handling clean or slightly polluted water. The EGO 500 features an electronic adjustable start/stop facility, making it particularly useful for tight sump and also low level (down to 1mm) pumping applications.

EGO 500 SELS Applications

  • Suitable for both permanent or portable installations;
  • Is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications;
  • Ideal for the emptying of tanks, drainage of pits and also swimming pools;
  • Also effective for emptying cellars, taverns, tunnels, underpasses, showers and washing machine rooms.
Antioxidant and corrosion resistant materials therefore a long life pump;Pump casing, body and impeller all in PPS;Stainless steel motor casing/shaft;Special wear resistant shaft coating with triple shaft seal.0.47 kW motor running at Non. 2.1Amp;230v;Flow: 170 l/min;Head: 7.5 metres;Free passage: 9 mm;On level: 115 mm;Off level: 60 mm.

Best-Selling Franklin Water Cooled Motor H3F 0,75.30

The 230v 4″ best-selling water-cooled Franklin motor is for operation with permanent split capacitor. H3F PSC motors are the choice for dependable, maintenance free operation, and provide long life for your submersible pump operation.


PSC motor range: 0.25-2.2 kW;230-240v / 50 Hz;4″ NEMA standard dimension -Rotation: CCW facing shaft end;Degree of protection: IP68;Insulation: Cl.B;Rated ambient temperature: 30oC;Required cooling flow: min 0.08m/s – Max starts per hour = 20, equally distributed;Mounting: vertical to horizontal, shaft upwards;Voltage tolerance 50 Hz from nominal: + 6% / – 10%;Protection requirements: EN 60947-4-1;Thrust:3.000N; 4.000N;Allowed working PH of water: 6.4-8.0;Maximum immersion depth: 150m;Motor for permanent split capacitor;Water lubricated radial and thrust bearing;Corrosion resistant AISI 304 SS material;Removable Water Bloc™ motor cable connector;Anti-track, self healing stator resin prevents motor burn out;High efficiency electrical design (lower operating cost, cooler winding temperature);Non-contaminating, water-filled design.



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