Repair Broken Borehole Pump

Repair broken borehole pump

A borehole pump (Nema standard) is made by a submersible motor and a submersible pump. It is always important to understand if the problem stays in the motor or in the hydraulic part, since they can be both repaired.

Speaking about 4” motor, it is usually more convenient to change the all motor or hydraulic part, instead of opening and repairing it. A quality pump like ZDS is made for long term duration. It usually breaks only after many year of working operation  when it breaks it is usually better to change the all unit, it is cheaper and much faster.

On bigger pumps like 6”,8”,10” and 12” pumps the situation is different, these are much more expensive products and they need to be repair when they break. The cost of these pumps are much higher than the cost of 4” pumps, for this reason it is often pointless to repair 4” pump instead of changing them with new products.

Peel Pumps can repair any kind of pumps, we have an extensive experience in many different pumps model, we always offer the right advise in any situation.

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How to Repair Broken Borehole Pump in UK

  1. If the product is still in warranty, contact the official support

  2. Package the whole product and send RMA product

  3. Wait from 1 to 2 weeks

  4. If you can’t wait or the warranty is gone contact PEEL Pumps

    +447803426821 or

Repair broken borehole pump

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