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Garden pumps

Garden Pumps? Especially during the summer period, irrigation can be essential to keep your garden nice and green. The water to irrigate your garden can be provided by water tanks, wells, boreholes, spring, lakes etc. However, in any of these situations you do need a garden pump.

There are many different types of garden pumps, submersible or surface pump. It is always recommended to use a self-priming pump, easy to install and maintenance free.

In case we have to extract the water from a borehole, we recommend using a submersible pump. There are hundreds of models available in the market, depending on the size of the installation and on the budget available.

A very standard system is with a pressure switch and a water pump. When we open the tap, or when the irrigation system demand water, the pressure switch starts the pump and the system start working. Once the pipe is closed and the pressure in the pressure tank is reached, the pressure switch stops the pump. The pressure switch can be adjusted to start and stop the pump, according to the application/pressure required.

Otherwise is possible for example to use a frequency inverter to control the pump. In this scenario, the frequency inverter will start and stop the pump according to the demand of water/pressure. The inverter will control the speed of the motor to maintain the pressure and flow required.

Both surface pumps and submersible pumps can be controlled with the system mentioned above, it is just a question of budget and performance. A frequency inverter not only creates a constant pressure flow, it also features dry running protection, overload protection and advanced motor protection.

Actions to do after Garden Pump installation

Once the correct pump is selected, in order to finish the installation, it is necessary to install a pipework system (they can be above or below ground level) and delivery water to sprinklers, ponds, plants, car washing etc…

Depending on the water supply (borehole, tanks etc) we will use a surface pump or a submersible pump (always when water level is lower than 9 meters from ground level). Afterwards the pump has to be correctly sized accordingly to the demand and pressure of water needed by the irrigation system.

Peel Pumps carry a very large stock of garden pumps for next day deliveries, it can provide the full service, including fittings, pressure tank, press control and many other products.

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