Self-Priming Pumps are a type of centrifugal hydraulic pump with installation above the head (suction). They sucks from a higher level of the liquid to be pumped and therefore requires adequate priming in order to function correctly.

The self-priming pumps differ from the other centrifugal pumps installed on the suction side by:
– having a higher suction level (even up to 8 m in altitude as opposed to the others whose suction limit is about 5–6 m);
-lure themself. They can work without the need to fill the suction line.

Furthermore, it is not necessary for this pipe to be equipped with a check valve at the base which normally avoids emptying the suction pipe at each stop of the pump. They can be moved by either an electric or an endothermic motor. They are used in agriculture, construction, and industrial plants because they are designed for demanding applications.

It is particularly suitable for the uses: agriculture (fungicides, liquid fertilizers, components on agricultural machines, irrigation) professional use (heavy-duty applications, continuous over time, installation on systems) industry (installation on systems, machines, machinery, production lines)

These pumps are equipped with a strong suction capacity, they can work even with discontinuous presence of the liquid and it is possible to invert the flow. They are real multifunction pumps, capable of solving multiple pumping problems. For each application it is necessary to check the suitability and choose the appropriate gaskets.

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