DK drainage pump and drain pump for waste water

The DK drainage pump has been designed for the drainage of wastewater. This drain pump is suitable for dirty water with particles of max diameter of 35mm. It is provided with single-phase motor or with three phase motor entirely made in copper for a better conductivity and working temperature. The motor shaft is in stainless still 316 and the vortex impeller is in cast iron. Thanks to its Mechanical seal in Graphite e Ceramic, this drain pump is designed for long lasting in heavy duty.

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The DK drainage pump has been designed for the drainage of wastewater. Thanks to its resistant building technology, this drain pump can handle solids from 35 mm to 50 mm with a  liquid ph level from 4-10. The total head is 14 meters and the max flow reach the 450 litters per minute. This drain pump is equipped with a 10 meters cable and it works from 0,5m to 5m. The motor is oil cooled, the oil used is FDA certify for food machinery and pharmaceutical use.

Application of the DK drainage pump:

  • To convey waste and sewage water from septic tanks;
  • This drainage pump also drain rainwater;
  • Pump liquids containing solids and also filaments;
  • They feature vortex impellers providing a solids handling capability (190 = 5mm solids, 320 = 13mm solids, 635SL = 32mm solids);
  • Cast iron/stainless steel construction with optional float switch;
  • Mechanical seal and lip sealing the coolant filled motor;
  • 10 metre cable on all models;
  • Guiderail option on Horizontal discharge models.

Materials of DK drain pump:

  • Antioxidant and corrosion resistant materials therefore a long life pump;
  • Pump casing, in stainless still;
  • Pump shaft in marine grade stainless steel SAE 316L
  • Upper and lower pump support in cast iron;
  • Mechanical seal in graphite and Ceramic;
  • Motor entirely made in copper
  • Vortex impeller in cast iron
  • Fda Oil for motor cooling


  • 75 Kw to 1,5Kw;
  • 230v single phase or 400 volt triphase;
  • Max Flow: 450 l/min;
  • Max Head: 14 metres;
  • Free passage: 35 mm to 50 mm;
  • Immersion depth 0,5m to 5m

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DK 480 MA, DK 550T, DK Inox, DK 400 MA

PDF download datasheet manual

PDF download datasheet manual
(DK Inox)