Franklin Motor – 230V-2.2KW with control box

Franklin Motors A range high quality 4″ motors for borehole pump applications.This range of high quality stainless steel submersible motors, has been designed specifically for borehole pump and similar applications. 230V up to 2.2kW c/w starter panels.

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Franklin Motor – 230V-2.2KW: A Powerful Submersible Solution


The Franklin Motor – 230V-2.2KW is a high-quality submersible motor designed specifically for borehole pump applications. Whether you’re pumping water from a well, borehole, or other water sources, this motor offers reliable performance and efficient operation. Let’s explore its features, benefits, and applications.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Performance: The motor operates at 230V and delivers an impressive 2.2KW (approximately 3 HP) of power. It’s ideal for demanding water systems that require substantial flow rates and pressure.
  2. Stainless Steel Construction: The motor features a robust stainless steel construction, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. It can withstand harsh environments and prolonged submersion.
  3. Maintenance-Free Operation: When paired with the appropriate control box, the Franklin Motor provides maintenance-free, long-life operation. Say goodbye to frequent repairs and downtime.

The Control Box:

The heart of the system lies in the control box. Let’s explore the different types available:

1. Standard Control Boxes:

  • Voltage: 230V AC
  • Motor Rating: 3 HP (2.2KW)
  • Features:
    • Suitable for 3-wire, single-phase water systems.
    • Compatible with standard/heavy-duty pressure switches, level switches, or other pilot devices.
    • External access to overload resets.
    • User-friendly connection diagrams.
    • UL listed for safety.
    • Enclosure rating: Type 3R (suitable for outdoor mounting).

2. Deluxe Control Boxes:

  • These boxes contain magnetic line contactors carefully matched to the motor rating.
  • Eliminate the need for external line contactors.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • The 15 HP XL Deluxe box provides ample space for heavy-duty wire and additional components.

3. Quick Disconnect (QD) Control Boxes:

  • Designed for trouble-free troubleshooting.
  • Automatically disconnect control components when the lid is removed.
  • Solid-state switching with the QD Relay for longer life.
  • Available for various motor sizes (from 1/3 HP to 1 HP).

4. Capacitor Run Control (CRC) Boxes:

  • Similar to QD boxes but with an added run capacitor.
  • Ensures smoother motor operation.
  • Suitable for applications where consistent performance is critical.


  • Borehole Pumps: The Franklin Motor is perfect for extracting water from deep wells or boreholes.
  • Irrigation Systems: Deliver water to agricultural fields efficiently.
  • Residential Water Supply: Provide water for homes and communities.
  • Industrial Applications: Use in industrial processes, cooling systems, and more.


The Franklin Motor – 230V-2.2KW, combined with the right control box, offers reliability, efficiency, and longevity. Whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, or industrial operator, this motor is a powerful solution for your water pumping needs.

Remember to consult a professional installer like us (HERE our contact page) to ensure proper installation and optimal performance. Happy pumping! 💧🔌

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