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Inverter Archimede IMTP 1.5W for Pumps by Electroil

Electroil Inverter used for submersible pumps

We sell Electroil Archimede Inverters. Here we propose this model.

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Archimede IMTP 1.5 Inverter General Info

Maximum motor-pump power 2 Hp or 1,5 kW

Inverter voltage supply 1 x 230V ± 10%

Frequency supply Inverter 50-60 Hz

Inverter Voltage output 3 x 230V ± 10%

Inverter Frequency output 0,55 Hz

Maximum output current (ED 100%) 7 A

Archimede IMTP 1.5 Inverter Working Conditions

Nominal input current 11 A

Maximum output current (<1 sec.) 3 x I2 A

Pressure measure range 0-10 A

Pressure transducers compatibles In: 0-15V / Out: 4-20 mA

Pressure transducer included K16

What is an Inverter and when is it needed for an electric pump install?

An Inverter is an electronic device able to transform a direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC) at a determined voltage and frequency.

For example, if we need to power a household appliance that operates in 230V alternating current (frequency 50Hz) but we do not have alternating mains current available, thanks to the inverter we can still power it

We can use a direct current source, like a 12V (DC) battery.

It is therefore essential to use it to supply electrical devices that operate in alternating current via direct current.

When are used them?

The inverters are used in off-grid photovoltaic systems (stand alone) to power electrical devices of isolated houses, mountain huts, campers, boats

Electroil inverters are also used in grid connected photovoltaic systems to introduce the current produced by the plant directly into the electricity distribution grid.

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions355 × 170 × 150 cm


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