Archimede Inverters

The Frequency inverter (also called frequency converter) is an electronic device very popular in today’s water pump application. Thanks to this electronic device we can modify the normal power supply (50Hz or 60Hz) to another frequency power. Changing the frequency power, we will be able to modify the speed of the motor reaching higher levels of efficiency and constant delivery.

Archimede inverter features the latest “self-learning technology”. It can be used with any pump, and it does need manual set up. Connecting the device to the pump, it is enough to run the pump for few seconds in order for the device to record all motor data and operate afterwards in the most efficient possible way.

Archimede Inverters are equipped with Swiss high quality pressure transducers, they should be installed close to the pump station, and they do not need any major maintenance to operate and run.

On the front mask of the inverter, there is user friendly keyboard where all parameters can be adjusted according to the customer needs and requirement.  Archimede inverters can work as standard from 1 bar to 10 bar, flow is regulated by pump model controlled by the inverter. All Archimede inverters are equipped with dry running protection, that stop the pump when the system run out of water.

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