T-Tank Multi Impeller Pump

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The multi-impeller submersible pump with electronic built-in flow switch is ideal for use in cisterns, ponds, wells, or any other application that requires a high pressure output. This 1000W copper wire winding motor is fitted with 4 impellers and a 10 mt H07RN-F 3G*1mm² electric cable.

A flow sensor and dry-running protection are integrated into the pump, along with a capacitor and integrated non-return valve. The pump is designed to operate safely within a temperature range of up to +35°C, with liquids such as clear water.

The maximum immersion depth is 12m, and the lowest pump starting level is 60mm. The outlet size is G1”. To ensure the correct application and performance of the pump, we recommend avoiding the use of any 90° fittings, and ensuring that the outlet size is not made any smaller.

T-Tank Multi Impeller Pump


  • Multi-impeller submersible pump with electronic built-in fl ow switch for automatic running.
  • Use for cisterns, ponds, wells or other applications requiring high pressure.

T-Tank Multi-Impeller Pump Motor and features

  • Power: 1000W copper wire winding motor
  • Number of impeller: 4
  • Electric cable 10 mt H07RN-F 3G*1mm²
  • Flow sensor and dry-running protection integrated
  • Built-in capacitor and integrated non-return valve
T-Tank Multi-Impeller Pump Fittings

Operating limits

  • Max. fluid temperature up to +35°C
  • Liquid condition: clear water
  • Max. immersion: 12m
  • Lowest pump starting level: 60mm
  • Outlet size: G1”
  • Warnings
  • For correct application of the pump we suggest do not intall any 90° fittings and without smoller size of the outler size.
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Pump Max Head (distance from water source to have 3 bar of pressure)


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