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ZDS X.HTF 4″ Complete Solution with Franklin Motor 400v

X.HTF three-phase 4″ complete solution with a stainless steel ZDS hydraulic part, three-phase Franklin water-cooled encapsulated motor and supply cable. Available with or without DRP.

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Best Borehole Pump for capacity: ZDS X.HTF Complete Solution

ZDS X.HTF three-phase 4″ complete solution with a stainless steel ZDS hydraulic part, three-phase Franklin water-cooled encapsulated motor and supply cable. The X.HTF complete solution is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and is available up to the delivery of 15.000 l/h and 300m head. Unlike traditional solutions, there is no need for additional cables, sensors or control boxes.

This ZDS X.HTF complete solution is designed to be used in applications such as lifting, distribution, pressurisation in civil and industrial water systems, garden irrigation, filling of pressure vessels and tanks, fire-fighting systems, washing systems, drainage systems and supply of fountains.

Specification of this complete borehole pump system

  • kW: 0.37 – 3;
  • Degree of protection: IP68;
  • Maximum quantity of suspended sand: 120 g/m3;
  • Insulation: B;
  • Rated ambient temperature: max 30oC;
  • Cooling flow: min 8 cm/sec;
  • Maximum starts per hour: 20, equally distributed;
  • Mounting: vertical/horizontal, shaft upwards;
  • Maximum immersion depth: 150 m;
  • Outlet diameter: 11/4” G-F, 2″ G-F;
  • Allowed range of water pH: 6.4-8.0;
  • Protections requirements: For these complete solutions an overload protection and a motor start and run control unit must be installed according to EN 60947-4-1 trip time < 10 sec at 5 x lN.

Supplied with 1.5m of cable as standard.

This complete solution is available with or without DRP. The DRP is an electronic device that guarantees optimal protection of the pump against dry-running other possible installation faults or operational failures. In case of water shortage, the DRP stops the pump immediately when water drops below the DRP and it restarts the pump automatically a short time after the water rises above the DRP.

If you require any technical assistance then please contact a member of our team on 01706 558 352 or sales@peelpumps.co.uk. We will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible.

ModelVoltagekWMax. FlowMax. Head
X.1-12.HTF400v0.37 kW1.5 m3/h75.4 m


X.1-12.HTF (DRP included)400v0.37 kW1.5 m3/h75.4 m


X.1-18.HTF400v0.55 kW1.5 m3/h113 m


X.1-18.HTF (DRP included)400v0.55 kW1.5 m3/h113 m


X.1-25.HTF400v0.75 kW1.5 m3/h157 m


X.1-25.HTF (DRP included)400v0.75 kW1.5 m3/h157 m


X.1-36.HTF400v1.1 kW1.5 m3/h226.1 m


X.1-36.HTF (DRP included)400v1.1 kW1.5 m3/h226.1 m


X.1-50.HTF400v1.5 kW1.5 m3/h314 m


X.1-50 HTF (DRP included)400v1.5 kW1.5 m3/h314 m


X.2-8.HTF400v0.37 kW2.4 m3/h51.2 m


X.2-8.HTF (DRP included)400v0.37 kW2.4 m3/h51.2 m


X.2-12.HTF400v0.55 kW2.4 m3/h76.8 m


X.2-12.HTF (DRP included)400v0.55 kW2.4 m3/h76.8 m


X.2-16.HTF400v0.75 kW2.4 m3/h102.4 m


X.2-16.HTF (DRP included)400v0.75 kW2.4 m3/h102.4 m


X.2-24.HTF400v1.1 kW2.4 m3/h153.6 m


X.2-24.HTF (DRP included)400v1.1 kW2.4 m3/h153.6 m


X.2-32.HTF400v1.5 kW2.4 m3/h204.7 m


X.2-32.HTF (DRP included)400v1.5 kW2.4 m3/h204.7 m


X.2-40.HTF400v2.2 kW2.4 m3/h255.9 m


X.2-40.HTF (DRP included)400v2.2 kW2.4 m3/h255.9 m


X.2-48.HTF400v2.2 kW2.4 m3/h307.1 m


X.2-48.HTF (DRP included)400v2.2 kW2.4 m3/h307.1 m


X.3-6.HTF400v0.37 kW4.2 m3/h33.3 m
X.3-6.HTF (DRP included)400v0.37 kW4.2 m3/h33.3 m
X.3-9.HTF400v0.55 kW4.2 m3/h50 m
X.3-9.HTF (DRP included)400v0.55 kW4.2 m3/h50 m
X.3-13.HTF400v0.75 kW4.2 m3/h72.2 m
X.3-13.HTF (DRP included)400v0.75 kW4.2 m3/h72.2 m
X.3-19.HTF400v1.1 kW4.2 m3/h105.5 m
X.3-19.HTF (DRP included)400v1.1 kW4.2 m3/h105.5 m
X.3-25.HTF400v1.5 kW4.2 m3/h138.8 m
X.3-25.HTF (DRP included)400v1.5 kW4.2 m3/h138.8 m
X.3-32.HTF400v2.2 kW4.2 m3/h177.6 m
X.3-32.HTF (DRP included)400v2.2 kW4.2 m3/h177.6 m
X.5-4.HTF400v0.37 kW6 m3/h24.5 m
X.5-4.HTF (DRP included)400v0.37 kW6 m3/h24.5 m
X.5-6.HTF400v0.55 kW6 m3/h36.8 m
X.5-6.HTF (DRP included)400v0.55 kW6 m3/h36.8 m
X.5-8.HTF400v0.75 kW6 m3/h49.1 m
X.5-8.HTF (DRP included)400v0.75 kW6 m3/h49.1 m
X.5-13.HTF400v1.1 kW6 m3/h79.7 m
X.5-13.HTF (DRP included)400v1.1 kW6 m3/h79.7 m
X.5-17.HTF400v1.5 kW6 m3/h104 m
X.5-17.HTF (DRP included)400v1.5 kW6 m3/h104 m
X.5-21.HTF400v2.2 kW6 m3/h129 m
X.5-21.HTF (DRP included)400v2.2 kW6 m3/h129 m
X.5-25.HTF400v2.2 kW6 m3/h153 m
X.5-25.HTF (DRP included)400v2.2 kW6 m3/h153 m
X.5-29.HTF400v3 kW6 m3/h178 m
X.5-29.HTF (DRP included)400v3 kW6 m3/h178 m
X.5-34.HTF400v3 kW6 m3/h209 m
X.5-34.HTF (DRP included)400v3 kW6 m3/h209 m
X.8-6.HTF400v0.75 kW11.4 m3/h38.4 m
X.8-6.HTF (DRP included)400v0.75 kW11.4 m3/h38.4 m
X.8-8.HTF400v1.1 kW11.4 m3/h51.2 m
X.8-8.HTF (DRP included)400v1.1 kW11.4 m3/h51.2 m
X.8-12.HTF400v1.5 kW11.4 m3/h76.8 m
X.8-12.HTF (DRP included)400v1.5 kW11.4 m3/h76.8 m
X.8-17.HTF400v2.2 kW11.4 m3/h108.8 m
X.8-17.HTF (DRP included)400v2.2 kW11.4 m3/h108.8 m
X.8-20.HTF400v3 kW11.4 m3/h128 m
X.8-20.HTF (DRP included)400v3 kW11.4 m3/h128 m
X.10-8.HTF400v1.5 kW15 m3/h48.2 m


X.10-8.HTF (DRP included)400v1.5 kW15 m3/h48.2 m


X.10-12.HTF400v2.2 kW15 m3/h72.3 m


X.10-12.HTF (DRP included)400v2.2 kW15 m3/h72.3 m


X.10-17.HTF400v3 kW15 m3/h102 m


X.10-17.HTF (DRP included)400v3 kW15 m3/h102 m


ZDS X.HTF Three-Phase Complete Solution

Download Datasheet



0.37, 0.55, 0.75, 1.1, 1.5, 2.2, 3.0

Pump Max Flow (l/m)

1.5 m³/h, 11.4 m³/h, 15 m³/h, 2.4 m³/h, 4.2 m³/h, 6 m³/h

Pump Max Head (distance from water source to have 3 bar of pressure)

102.4 m, 104 m, 105.5 m, 108.8 m, 113 m, 128 m, 129 m, 138.8 m, 153 m, 153.6 m, 157 m, 177.6 m, 178 m, 204.7 m, 209 m, 226.1 m, 24.5 m, 255.9 m, 307.1 m, 314 m, 33.3 m, 36.8 m, 38.4 m, 48.2 m, 49.1 m, 50 m, 51.2 m, 72.3 m, 75.4 m, 76.8 m, 79.7 m

DRP (Dry Running Protection)


PDF download datasheet manual