Agricultural Pumps

There are many different types of Agricultural pumps, depending on the different applications.

We provide a full list of pumps and accessories to fullfill this wide range of needs.

In Irrigation, centrifugal pumps are very popular, since they can be easily coupled with a diesel motor or an electric motor. In Centrifugal pumps, boost water from a water tank, it is quickly moved by the pump impeller that pushes it at a much higher speed to increase the pressure to the system.

Multistage pumps are used when high pressure and total head are required. For this reason, most of submersible pump are multi stage, since they have high head, to push the water up from deep wells and boreholes.

Please check our pages about Agricultural Pumps and Our Guidelines about Cavitation

Cavitation damages the pump and decrease its performance, for this reason when we select a pump, we always have to consider the NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head), always indicated by the producer with a metal label on the pump. Please keep in mind that pumps should be always primed before use. In order to Prime a pump, we must ensure that the pump is full of water (in all its parts). Selecting the correct pump as we have seen above, it is very important, for this reason Peel Pumps provide high standard consultancy and recommendation on selecting the best pump for any application.

Submersible pump in agricultural application are used when the water is deeper than 9 meters from ground level. These pumps can be coupled with a surface motor (electric or diesel) or with a submersible motor (only electric). Electric motor is more common among submersible pumps. As mentioned before, the bigger the number of stages the pump is equipped with, the grater total head the pump will have. Submersible electric pumps can reach much deeper well, even when the well diameter is only 4”.

Different Irrigation Systems in UK

There are a number of different irrigation system in the agricultural industry, if for example we have “drop by drop/dosing” irrigation system, the amount of flow and pressure required is much smaller than a traditional irrigation system. The pump has always to be integrated and selected according to the installation where it should be used, for this reason is always recommended to speak with a specialized company for the right advise.

Peel Pumps carry a very large stock of agricultural pumps for next day deliveries, it can provide the full service, including fittings, pressure tank, press control and many other products.

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as you can see, in agriculture you can use all kind of pumps. I would probably only exclude the Spring pump

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