P2BPACP -(54)

P2BPACP (54) – Designed for the control and running of a 230V single phase pump, with 15 minute increment 24 hour timer. Offering protection against dry running and motor overload. Suitable for submersible pumps with Nominal running Amps from 2.5 to 13. Typically used with three float switches for Stop, Start and High Level Alarm.

BBC Elettropompe UK


Application Features Of P2BPACP -(54)

– Plastic enclosure with four recessed locking screws to front panel, internally hinged to left hand side.
– Wall mounting IP55 enclosure.

– Amber Light = Mains supply.
– Green Light = Pump running.
– Upper Red Light = High level alarm.
– Lower Red Light = Thermal cut-out.
– Door Interlocking Isolator: Isolates the
– power supply when lid is open.
– Hand-Off-Auto Switch.
– Audible alarm buzzer and on/off switch.
– 24 hour on/off timer switch with 15 minute increments.

– 50VA Transformer: To reduce 230V supply to 24Vac for level control safety.
– Plug-In Relay: For level controls.
– Contactor with Overload: Manual setting for pump running Amps.
– Will stop pump when value is exceeded.
– Fuses: Fuse holders with HRC fuses on mains and auxiliary circuits.
– Capacitor bay where required.

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