The following are standard BBC control panels also customized by us.
This range of single and three phase DOL control panels has been developed to cover the majority of applications. See data sheets for full specification.
Special requirements can be supplied on relatively short lead times and we welcome your enquiries.
All models start with the code ‘P2BP’ which denotes a control box for 230/1/50 pumps (‘P2BPT’ denotes 400/3/50) featuring illuminated amber, green and red lights for Power/Running/Alarm indication,
audible alarm, door interlocking isolator, hand-off-auto switch, alarm ON/OFF switch, mains to 24Vac transformer, level control relay, contactor with manual set overloads 1-50 Amp (1-1.6/1.6-2.5/2.5-4
/4-6/5.5-8/7-10/9-13/12-18/17-25/23-32/30-40/37-50 ranges), mains and auxiliary circuit fuses, capacitor facility. Some single phase panels have capacitors fitted. These can be removed or replaced as required.
Suffix characters in the model code have the following meanings:
S = Borehole probe activated A = Float activated
T = Three phase pumps
L = Metal Box
NC = No capacitors fitted 2 = Twin pump (alternating duty/assist)
K – Klixon
H = Hour counter
P = Plastic box
C = Clock timer
GFP – Glass front plastic BA = Big amp (12-18/17-25 ranges)
BBA = Very big amp (23-50) O = Oil probe monitor GNASH = Specifically for Gnasher pumps
Control Panels – 1 & 3 Phase – Float switch / Pressure switch operated – Up to 13Amp

Customized control panels are specially designed to meet the exact needs of each user, providing them with the best possible performance and efficiency.

The advantages of customized control panels for borehole pumps are numerous. Firstly, they provide superior control over the pump’s operation. This is especially important if you are dealing with complex systems, as the control panel can be tailored to ensure that the pump functions in the most efficient manner possible.

Customized control panels also provide enhanced safety. By providing specific control options, users can ensure that their borehole pump is operating safely and efficiently. Furthermore, with a control panel that is tailored to the exact needs of the user, the chances of an accident occurring are minimized.

Finally, customized control panels provide greater flexibility. By providing multiple control options, users can easily adjust the pump’s output to suit their specific needs. This allows them to make the most of their borehole pump and ensure that it is working at its optimum performance level.

Overall, customized control panels for borehole pumps provide an array of benefits. They provide superior control, enhanced safety, and greater flexibility, allowing users to make the most of their borehole pump. If you are looking to maximize the performance and efficiency of your pump, then investing in a customized control panel could be the perfect solution.

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