Borehole pump for farms

Farming is a very developed market in the UK, and borehole pumps in farms are very common. A borehole pump installed in a farm must handle any kind of water situation and it is installed for extensive usage. This means that in farms you need professional products, not just a borehole pump. The best water boreholes are very deep, when you go deep, up to 600 ft and even more, you need a very good product since the cost and the work in pulling the pump up and down (due to failure), can be very high. There is no better way of than borehole pump to provide water to a farm, you can do with a 3”,4”,6” or 8” pump. A 4” pump can deliver up to 20m3 hr which are usually more than enough for a medium-large farm. The cost of drilling a borehole to install a 6” or 8” pump, are far higher than installing a 4” borehole pump, for this reason a 4” pump this is the most common solution.

Reliability and long lasting of the pumps are also very important, ZDS oil cooled motors for example have been tested up to and overcoming 18000 hours of working operation with more than 10.000 start and stop. We have motors which are still under test which have exceeded these results. Encapsulated, water cooled motors like ZDS H2 motors or Franklin motors, in very clean water could last even longer; we reached over 30.000 hours of working operation at 20 bars with 500.000 start and stop programmed with ZDS H2 motor.

Peel Pumps offer a range of different solution for borehole pump for farm, depending on the customer requirements and budget available. Please write to us at sales to get the best quotation and most of everything the best advice.

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