Borehole pumps for moving clean water

Borehole pump can be used in boreholes, but also in water tank to move clean water. Traditional borehole pumps with impellers, can handle clean water with maximum 120 gr of sand for m3.

There are many different technologies to handle sand or sediment in borehole pumps, one of the most successful is the technology with floating ring. The technology used by ZDS Pump innovation, features a special ring inside the impellers that always fluctuate while the pump is operating.

This fluctuation allows sand and sediment to pass through without clogging the pump. This is particularly important also in single phase pump (single phase motors can suffer of lower starting torque), installed in water with iron and manganese. In such condition, borehole pumps with fluctuating ring, work much better than traditional borehole pumps with standard technology. For example, we have tested ZDS QS4P 5-8 series (flow up to 100 l/min), with 20.000 grams of sand/m3, it starts with 0,55 Nm of torque (equal to 110V-120V). When we tested against our competitors with a like for like motor, the starting torque needed to start their pumps was 2,55 Nm (equal to 220V). We tested our QS4P hydraulic part in 2.500 grams of sand/m3, they lasted 1.600 hours before collapsing. During this test, 6.000 m3 of water and 15 m3 of sand passed through our impellers. We have not found another pump from our competitors, which has lasting longer than ZDS in such condition. Sand, iron and manganese exist in borehole and sometimes in water tanks, borehole pumps like ZDS are made for clean water, however we believe it is always better to install a borehole pump that can handle any kind of situation.

Peel Pumps offer a number of different solution for moving clean water, depending on the customer requirements and budget available. Please write to us at sales to get the best quotation and most of everything the best advice.

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