In order to empty water reservoirs, especially when we are speaking about large amount of water to be pumped, a borehole pump can be the best solution.

We suggest ZDS Plug&Go. This pump is completely automatic. Plug& Go is the only pump with integrated pressure switch that ca be installed deeper than 50 m

If a borehole pump is used to empty water reservoirs, a Kios kit is highly recommended to be used.

The Kios kit is an extra-large stainless still filter, ZDS has developed in order to prevent the submersible pump to be blocked by sediment or impurities, that we can face when emptying a water reservoirs. There are even more specialized pumps for these duties, but they have lower head and can be more expensive.

It very much depends on the kind of water that is being pump, if it is clean water, or if it is water including sediments or impurities. When we have a clean water, a borehole pump is the best application, when we have dirty water application, it is better to use a sewage pump like Peel Pumps DK for example.

We can both provide single phase or three phase solutions for emptying reservoirs, depending on the power supply provided in the installation.
Another product that can be used for emptying reservoirs is our Ark, automatic pump. This pump is fully automatic, it is very easy to be installed since it does not need pressure switch or float to operate. It has a total head of 50 meters and max flow of 5m3/h and features floating impellers.

For lighter usage or small water reservoirs we can also recommend our Spring pump. This is good for domestic use, it does not need any specific installation but only to be connected to a power supply cable.

Peel Pumps offer a range of different solution for emptying reservoirs, depending on the customer requirements and budget available. Please write us at sales to get the best quotation and most of everything the best advice.

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