Liquid ring transfer pumps have a special design suitable for specific application. They are developed to be a sort of a hybrid between a positive displacement pump and a very common centrifugal pump. Thanks to their particular design they can generate great pressure, much higher than a centrifugal pump. They are also known as side channel pumps. When they start, they work as a positive displacement pump and they self prime, however when the liquid fills the internal part of the pump, they start acting as a centrifugal pump.

There is only one point open in the casing of the pump, the blades rotating at high speed create a high pressure, higher than a centrifugal pump at the same speed.

The advantages of these e pumps are many, such as High pressure, High enter gas handling, Great self priming, Low NPSH Requirement (they require a lower inlet pressure to operate in efficiency), Low risk of cavitation.

Thanks to these characteristics, they are normally used in low flow required application, for water, fuel or chemicals.

On the other hand, it is also important to consider the limits of these pumps type.

Ring transfer pumps can only work in clean liquid, they can not handle solids or abrasive particles. This has to be considered when we decide to install this particular product.

We stock Self priming liquid ring transfer pumps, suitable for a wide range of clean liquids duties such as water, seawater, diesel etc. Available in 110/230/400V with reverse flow switch facility. Available at our store Six sizes in the range handle Heads to 48m and flows to 250 l/m.

These are some of the model available.

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