Solid handling pump

Solid Handle pumps are pumps designed to handle solids. The most common solid handling pump are vortex pump, channel pumps or macerator pumps (grinder pump). However, we have also some Self priming trash pumps.

These pumps are usually less efficient than multistage pumps for example, but far more effective. There are small pumps and big pumps. From 5mm solids handling to over 100 mm solids depending on the application.

Usually, small handling pumps are single phase 230 Volt and bigger pump are three phase 400 Volt but this can change according to the application.

Examples of Solid handling pumps are Peel Pumps DK Black, BBC Semisom pumps, SIGMA CXZ pumps, Gnasher pump, Maxi pump, Evak pumps and Agrimax pumps.

Regarding self priming pumps we have the GMP semi trash pumps, the Speroni tash pumps and the Gilberti pumps. Self priming surface pumps, as the model mention above, they are normally installed outside, they need to be protected from atmospheric events and especially during the winter period they can freeze. In order not to freeze, the user need to empty the pump from the water when it is not used.

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